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Happi Delta 10 THC Disposable Vape 2ML



Happi Delta 10 THC 2ml Disposable Vape is an amazing product. From beautiful childproof packaging to simplistic design but sturdy and well built, it is the best disposable vape available on the market.

Pushing open the childproof button to find the amazing contents of this disposable vape device.  Coming in with more quantity than any other delta 8 or delta 10 disposable , Happi Delta 10 THC  2ml Disposable vape is very unique.

The hardware is safely packed and properly outfitted with a cap to prevent any leakage.  Removing the cap, and just holding this beauty in your hands is an experience in itself.  What makes us excited is these Delta 10 THC Disposable from Happi have a built-in preheat button.  That is right!  We got a disposable with preheat built-in.

Happi Delta 10 2ml Disposable Vape device sets itself apart from any others.  With its unique and proprietary hardware, this disposable has a button on it.

Press the WHITE button twice and boom the disposable goes to work.  This preheat functionality is key with such viscous and thick oils like Delta 10 and Delta 8.  Even when diluted with terpenes for enhanced effects and profiles, disposables are typically problematic with clogging issues.

By incorporating the built-in preheat, you are sure to have a smooth vaping experience.  2000mg blend of delta 10, Delta 8, CBD, and CBN coming together for a full spectrum experience.


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